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China Brown Seaweed Extract Fucoidan 95%, 85%/konbu fukoidan powder/kelp extract fuicodan Supplier

Fucoidan is natural medicine which extracted from seaweed including Fucus, kelp and wakame, Laminaria japonica, costaria costata(C. Agardh) saunders, Saccarina japonica aresch, Kjellmaniella crassifolia, Undaria Pinnatifida,etc. It contains special components with anti-coagulant, lower blood fat, anti-tumor and anti-HIV functions. By fucoidan pharmacy, pharmacology and toxicology systematic study and completed Phase II clinical trials, researchers found fucoidan has good efficacy on treatment of nephrotic syndrome, early and midterm chronic renal failure, especially for improving renal function and reduce serum creatinine effect.
Quick View
Specification: 85.0%, 95.0% (Method: HPLC/GC)
Botanical name: Laminaria japonica/Saccarina japonica aresch/Undaria Pinnatifida
Characters: Powder
Color: Off white to light yellow
Odour: Characteristic
Mesh: 80
Solubility: Soluble in Water
Loss on drying % : ≤10.0%
Product components:
Fucoidan is a unique chemical composition in alginate. As one kind of water-soluble miscellaneous polysaccharide, it is consist of L- fucose-4-sulfate, as well as a small amount of galactose, mannose, xylose, glucose, arabinose, uronic acid, protein, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other metal ions. Structure L- fucose-4-sulfate is poly-1,2-junctioned α-L- pyran fucose and sulfate are mainly in the C-4 position of the hydroxyl group, the typical molecular structure like in Figure 1 fig showed:
1.Fucoidan can be applied in health food field, food additives industry, which can be added into the dairy, beverage, health care products, pastries, cold drinks, bread, milk and so on;
2.Fucoidan can be applied in cosmetic field, which is a kind of water-soluble polymer natural extracts with sntiphlogistic sterilization effect. So fucoidan can be used as a new type of high moisturizing instead of glycerin;
3.Fucoidan can be applied in pharmaceutical field, which is the raw material of new tradition medicine added in kidney products.
Applicable group
low immunity group; Nephrotic syndrome and early, midterm chronic renal failure patients; High blood sugar, high blood lipids group; Cancer prevention and the early and mid-term cancer patients; Chemotherapy group;
Recommend dosage
250~350mg in health food; 0.15% in food additive
Storage and shelf life
Storage: 1kg foil bag, 25kg/drum ,double plastic bags for inner packing and carton drum for outer packing
Stored conditions: Cool&dry place. Do not freeze. Keep away from strong light and heat
Shelf time: 3 years when stored properly
Category: Agriculture & Farm / Plants Placement Date: Sep 25, 2016 GMT
Company name: Shaanxi Yougu Biotechnology Co.,Ltd Company type: Importer, Manufacturer
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