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Dear Sir or Madam,
We are exporter from china for shoes, clothes, handbags...we sell brand shoes
as: nike shoes, Adidas, Puma, Timberland boots. including items like Shox NZ,
R4, TL, TL3, Turbo, Monster, Air Max 95, 97, 2003, 2004, 2005, TN; Air Force 1,
Air Jordan I-XX, etc; CD, Channel, Gucci, playboy, and other sportswear ...You
can login our homepage www.nikegarden.com for images.
or add msn:nikeshoe07@hotmail.com
Anything interests you, just let me know.
OUR WEBSITE IS: http://www.nikegarden.com/
Category: Textile & Wear / Clothing Placement Date: Nov 04, 2009 GMT
Company name: nikegarden co.,ltd Company type: Exporter, Importer
Contact Person: (Premium Membership required) Email: Send Inquiry
Address: (Premium Membership required) City: (Premium Membership required)
State: (Premium Membership required) Country: China Juicy
Zip: (Premium Membership required) Web: (Premium Membership required)
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Offers list from this company:

  1. [Sell] levis jeans for sale
  2. [Sell] paulsmith shoes
  3. [Sell] hot sale adidas jacket
  4. [Sell] edhardy clothes for sale
  5. [Sell] cute ugg boot www.nikegarden.com
  6. [Sell] dior boot www.nikegarden.com
  7. [Sell] burberry hoody for sale
  8. [Sell] D&G shirt for sale
  9. [Sell] polo-sweater
  10. [Sell] hot selling edhardy clothes
  11. [Sell] Juicy
  12. [Sell] dsquared-jacket
  13. [Sell] burberry coat
  14. [Sell] dsquared hoody www.nikegarden.com
  15. [Sell] hot sell apple bottom jeans
  16. [Sell] HOT SELL chanel purse
  17. [Sell] hot sell rolex watch
  18. [Sell] new adidas
  19. [Sell] hot sell paul smith bags
  20. [Sell] hot sell LV bag
  21. [Sell] hot sell edhardy tshirt for women
  22. [Sell] victoria-secret-bikini
  23. [Sell] edhardy sport for sale
  24. [Sell] LV cap for sale
  25. [Sell] sport glass for sale
  26. [Sell] AF sweetie shirt for sale
  27. [Sell] bikini
  28. [Sell] hot sell NY cap
  29. [Sell] hot sell AF short men
  30. [Sell] hot sell AF short women
  31. [Sell] hot sell sony mini computer
  32. [Sell] hot sell chanel wallet
  33. [Sell] hot sell lv bag
  34. [Sell] hot sell levis jean
  35. [Buy] hot sell chanel women shoe
  36. [Sell] hot sell AF tshirt
  37. [Sell] nike shoes
  38. [Sell] hot sell purple-hairstraightener
  39. [Sell] HOT SELL CA women tshirt
  40. [Sell] hot sell ATO-MATSUMOTO
  41. [Sell] TN-men59
  42. [Sell] TN-men 58
  43. [Sell] Jordan-Spizike-men17
  44. [Sell] Jordan-Spizike-men 16
  45. [Sell] Chloe-S-A
  46. [Sell] Baby-phat
  47. [Sell] Gucci-party
  48. [Sell] Bags YSL23
  49. [Sell] Bags YSL 22
  50. [Sell] Bags YSL 21
  51. [Sell] Bags YSL 21
  52. [Sell] Bags YSL 21
  53. [Sell] AF1-25th-women
  54. [Sell] AF1-25th-men
  55. [Sell] AF-shirts-woman
  56. [Sell] Dsquared-shirts
  57. [Sell] Baby-phat
  58. [Sell] AF-shorts-men
  59. [Sell] AF-shorts-women
  60. [Sell] hot sell GILLETTE BLADES
  61. [Sell] hot sell twilight-turtle
  62. [Sell] hot sell AF kids shoes
  63. [Sell] hot sell NY caps
  64. [Sell] hot sell nike transparent
  65. [Sell] hot sell max90
  66. [Sell] hot sell lv shoe
  67. [Sell] HOT sell puma shoe
  68. [Sell] HOT sell coach wallet
  69. [Sell] dior handbag
  70. [Sell] G-star jean

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