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Huatao Wire Belt Factory

Huatao Wire Belt Factory, founded in1980, is a professional manufacturer of corrugated belts specialized for corrugated board production line.The enterprise founder is well-known specialist in the field of convey-belt manufacture at home and abroad. Our products named “Huatao” are convey belts specialized in corrugated board production line. We take use of the unique weaving process, precise proportioning materials and the international advanced technology, and our products are the first-rate.
Our products mainly including: Woven Corrugator Belt, Needle Corrugator Belt, Traction Belt and Airslide Belt etc.

Our service: huatao Group introduces international advanced production equipment and auxiliary equipment, professional Research and Development team, Strong technical force. And we will continue to learn from clients and work to ensure the quality of products and best service for paperboard mills in the world.

We passed the ISO international quality management system certification, forming a complete set of perfect management procedure, improve the production efficiency.

By the way, kindly also find our advantages below:
1:Have cooperated with a lot of importers in US for more than 8 years.
2:Experienced in doing business with big customers.
3:Quick delivery time for decent orders.
4:Own designing team for new product development.
5:Free samples could be provided.
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Offers list from this company:

  1. [Sell] Double backer belt
  2. [Sell] Traction belt
  3. [Sell] Double facer belt
  4. [Sell] Woven Corrugator Paperboard Belt
  5. [Sell] Polyester Air slide Fabric
  6. [Sell] Needle Corrugator belt

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