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Guangzhou Qiacheng Trading Co.,Ltd

Founded in 2000,Calltel in a profession Call Center Headset brand Telcent Communications Device Co.,LTD(branch in Guangzhou,Shanghai,Beijing and Chengdu).
Callter is now the largeset company producing headsets in call center industry in China.
As a professional call center headset manufacturer,we understand that call center is more cruical than ever for company\\\\\\\'s business.We are continuing to invest in R&D in headset technology to provide superior sound quality,fit,comfort,stability,compatibility and durability.Callter are paricularly known for its durability.
Callter holds the title of national largeset handset sales for 4 consecutive years from 2005 to 2008.It paved the way towards our leading position in technology information industry in China.It has also hit a milestone in call center industry history.
Calltel is therefore widely accepted as the top headsets brand in China .In 2009,Calltel has surpassed other European and North American high-end brands in terms of products\\\\\\\'durability.China witnessed calltel\\\\\\\'s endless effort and creativity firsthand.
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Offers list from this company:

  1. [Sell] Provide Calltel T-600 high quality telephone headset
  2. [Sell] Provide Calltel T-500 high quality telephone headset
  3. [Sell] Calltel H450NC high quality telephone headset
  4. [Sell] Calltel HW351N high quality telephone headset
  5. [Sell] Calltel HW351 high quality telephone headset
  6. [Sell] Calltel H550 high quality telephone headset
  7. [Sell] Calltel H450 high quality telephone headset
  8. [Sell] Calltel H250 high quality telephone headset

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